Modern Edge Vector Glass Top Dining Table

At the edge of exceptional and eternal, you’ll find this instinctive collection pushing the limits and stretching the boundaries of design. Mirroring the movement of minimalism in all facets of contemporary living, it offers furnishings that convey an experience. Bold, linear planes and straightforward forms are elevated with geometric elements. Simpler silhouettes are handsomely tailored to create furnishings with exceptional lines. Wood, stone, and metal give this collection an organic simplicity and are highlighted with shadowy finishes and touches of metallic Bronze. Beyond stunning, these thoughtfully crafted designs represent the epitome of modern living.



Base finished in Striated Ebony with metal accent trim in Lucent Bronze Smooth Metallic Paint

Size: 100″ x 44″ rectangle glass top

Materials: Asian Hardwood, Engineered Ebony


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